Part time office rental

Salt Wellness Centre is a unique healing Centre featuring floatation therapy, halo (salt) therapy, infrared sauna, detox foot bath. Counselling services, and RMT. We are looking to expand to naturopaths and acupuncturists who are looking for part time office rental. We have two rooms available, one with a table and one where you could provide your own table or we could provide one. Ideally looking to rent 2-3 days per week or option to share the office on certain days (some flexibility with this option).


– access to our large client database 

– adding you to our website and social media    posts to promote you

– most general supplies needed for you        services (except needles)

– office cleaning and maintenance

– air conditioning

– all utilities, Wi-Fi, and phone

– offer VIP rates for our services to your clients

– you can use our services free of charge (excludes RMT and foot bath)

Reasonable rental rates:

$400 for two days per week (shared)

$800 for four days per week (shared)

$1200 full time (private) 

Some admin available (phone answering and appt booking). Extra fee for billing admin assistance (optional; we offer direct billing through insurance and ICBC for our RMTs).

Visit our website to see what we offer:

Contact Lehla for more information:

Lehla Moran, CGA, RHN


Salt Wellness Centre

Owner and Health and Wellness Director