Tuition and Fees

Diploma Programs

Tuition detail link: Tuition for Canadian students – 20230509

Tuition detail link: Tuition for International students – 20230509


Diploma Programs Fees (All Students)
Program Application Fee: $150.00 (Local) or $250.00 (International) once
Textbook fee: $1300.00 each diploma program year
Administration fee: $150.00
Clinic insurance fee: $100.00 each calendar year


Chinese Tui Na Certificate Program

Tuition and Fees for Certificate Program (All students)
Program Application Fee: $150.00 (Local) or $250.00 (International) once
Tuition: $1,988.00
Textbook fee: $300.00
Administration fee: $150.00


Financial Aid

Financial assistance may be available. Those who require financial assistance should apply for registration as early as possible. Please contact the College for further information or visit Student Aid BC at for more information. To be eligible for student aid, you must attend a designated institution and be enrolled in an eligible program. TCICTCM is a designated institution and meets the criteria to administer the StudentAid BC program.

Programs may be eligible for HRSDA funding.

Refund Policy

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Methods of Payment

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