Acupoint Wellness Centre is seeking student volunteers

Acupoint Wellness Clinic Assistant Volunteer Posting

Acupoint Wellness Centre is seeking student volunteers to help patient coordination and practitioners out for a few hours during the weekends.  Acupoint Wellness is an acupuncture focused multi-disciplinary clinic located in downtown Vancouver.

Acupoint Wellness Centre Values: 

           Community, creative, cohesive, collaborative, care
          ●  Honesty, Integrity, and kindness
          ●  Communication as a personal and professional priority

Education and Experience Requirements:
must be attending TCM school
          ●  customer experience preferred
          ●  Experience in leadership roles or office management role is a plus

Qualified applicants will be:
          ●  Highly organized and creative
          ●  Kind and caring
          ●  Self-Motivated
          ●  Able to work well with a team and independently
          ●  Passionate about life and collaborative healthcare
          ●  Confident, professional and compassionate in working with people
          ●  Able to maintain their own self-care and value it within their life
          ● Good at communicating via email and using a computer
          ●  Well versed in TCM/acupuncture foundations to answer client questions 

          ●  Willing to learn!

●  3-4 hours per shift on the weekends alternating with other volunteers
          ●  Organize and maintain clinic rooms and common space area
          ●  Organize and maintain communication systems within clinic
          ●  Help practitioners turn over rooms 

          ● Greet Patients in the lobby
          ●  Act as a liaison between patients + practitioners
          ●  Build relationships with each team member 

          ●  Answer phones + Help practitioners rebook patients

Compensation and benefits:

●  Opportunities for growth + learning
          ●  Mentorship

          ● Monthly Acupuncture appointment included
          ●  Discounts on Acupoint Wellness services and products 

To apply:

  •  Email resume and cover letter to Suka Lang at

  • In your cover letter please tell us why you’re interested in working at Acupoint Wellness and why you think you’d be a good fit.