Multidisciplinary Integrative Health Clinic Looking for Registered Acupuncturist (North Burnaby) to Join Our Team

We are an award-winning modern multidisciplinary integrative health clinic with naturopathic physicians, chiropractor, rmt’s, and a counsellor. The clinic is located in North Burnaby on Hastings Street.

  • Excellent location — close to bus routes and shopping malls
    • Free parking for patients/clients and practitioner (secure underground             parking available)
    • The treatment rooms are professionally furnished
    • The treatment rooms are equipped with a massage table, air conditioning and music system
    • The treatment rooms also come with a desk, chairs, storage cabinet, wall art, and lamps
    • Washer and dryer on premise for laundry
    • Spacious and inviting waiting area with water, herbal tea, nespresso machine
    • Free Wi-Fi and phone access
    • Access to staff room with fridge, microwave, kettle etc.
    • Storage areas for equipment, linens or supplies
    • Cross-referrals from other health professionals at the clinic
    • Secured premises; Alarm system
    • Presence on clinic website and access to online booking system; Full reception
    • Available Mondays, Tuesday mornings (8-2) or afternoon (2-8), Fridays (8-2) and Sundays (11-5). Half day shifts (6 hours), can have access to 1 or 2 rooms
    • Cost: percentage split or flat rent

Please contact Dr. Ardis Krueger at for more information or go to our website