Looking for young committed acupuncturists

Dear Fellow Acupuncturist

Fast Track Your Career.
• We are looking for young committed acupuncturists (licensed R.Ac, TCMP,
Dr of TCM) to join our practice. If you would like to have a career in TCM
but find it challenging to begin with, we hope our experience can serve you
at the beginning and we can create a thriving business together. We are
looking for person of excellence that is practical, and understand the value
of time. Candidate should understand skill have to build in time and one
have to survive and stay put first for the time being.

About Me
• 15+ years TCM practice experience in Greater Vancouver Area. I am a
RTCMP only, so it is actually quite hilarious if you have the Dr.TCM title.
Definitely won’t call myself a TCM master but my experience and skill can
serve you well if you are new and just start building a practice in BC. I had
experience in different style of acupuncture operation (community, solo
practice, integrated setting) and operating in different municipalities. Profit
making business owner.

• Visit our website to learn more about my practice:

How to Apply:
• Please provide us with personal detail about why you think you are a good
fit and where you are in your career/practice. I of course would also like to
know about your availability to work.
• Registered (R.Ac, TCMP, Dr TCM) in good standing with the college
We appreciate your interest, but please note that we will only be contacting
selected applicants