Registered Acupuncturist Wanted in an Established Osteopathic Clinic

Location: Ocean Park, South Surrey
Call 778-291-3058

We are seeking a candidate who is:
• Registered and in good standing with CTMCA, who has malpractice insurance with a minimum of
• Flexible and able to work as part of a collaborative team.
• Able to maintain a clean and organized space.
• Able to communicate with patients, get along and work well with others.
• Punctual and able to keep a timely schedule to see patient on time and end on time.
• Able to work a combination of weekdays and weekends.
• Great opportunity for someone to get started with in-house referrals, and to actively work with
management to help build their patient base, who is supportive of a multi-disciplinary cross-referral
• We are looking for an entrepreneurial spirit, who is passionate, self motivated and possesses
perseverance in becoming the best they can be!Treatment room features:
• A private, good sized, very pleasant treatment room with windows to see outside while providing natural sun
light. Dimensions: 11 x 11 = 121 square feet.
• The clinic is on the top floor level of a 3-story building with an elevator, lots of parking available, and easy
access for patients.
• This is our first time offering registered acupuncturist or TCM doctor this opportunity as we have always
referred out in the past. Many patients over the years have been requesting acupuncture in conjunction with
osteopathic treatments.
Acupuncturist requirements:
• Their own treatment table.
• Calm and grounded demeanour.
• Comfortable taking your own payments and managing your bookings.
• Will take care of your treatment linins and laundry (no laundry on site).
• Language: English.
• We are accepting resumes, cover letters, and emails as to why you’d be a good fit for our passionate clinic.Reasonable rental rates:
• A sliding scale with a cap of $80 for use of the treatment room for up to 7 hours.
• For more details contact us: