Full Time Room Rental for Acupuncturist

It’s time to develop your own practice WITHOUT the HUGE OVERHEAD!

Excellent opportunity to become part of the team of dedicated professionals at EHL Health. Your business is yours to grow and keep, while having the benefit of a highly regarded Chiropractor and DTCM working by your side. The office is upscale, relaxed and friendly. An atmosphere you will be proud to share with your clients. Located on South Granville, in one of Vancouvers’ most desirable shopping areas, EHL Health offers easy street level access, whether driving or travelling on public transport. The space is a full-time rental with a flat monthly fee. Full front desk services are optional, depending on how you would like to handle your bookings and billing.

CALL NOW to book a visit and step toward the rewarding future you so deserve!

Contact Dr. Else Larsen at 604-732-3422 or ehl.health@gmail.com

3077 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC.