418A Diseases of the Five Senses in TCM

 418A Disease of the Five Senses in TCM (14 hours or 1 credit)


Course Description:


This course is designed for students enrolled in TCM Practitioner program or TCM Herbalist Program. In this course,  common diseases in the areas of Disease of the Five Senses in TCM will be discussed: Otitis media (acute,  chronic), Sudden deafness; Meniere’s disease, Rhinitis(acute; chronic; atrophic; allergic, Nasosinusitis(acute; chronic); Nasal polyp; Nasal hemorrhage, Tonsillitis(acute; chronic); Pharyngitis(acute; chronic), Laryngitis(acute; chronic); Pharyngeal paraesthesia(Mei he qi). Diseases will be discussed in the sequences of their causes, pathology, syndromes, diagnosis, treatment plan, herbal formula selections and etc. 



Course Objectives:


Students who successfully pass this course should be able to:


  1. Diagnose the most common diseases in Five Senses.
  2. Differentiate the syndromes under each disease.
  3. Lay out treatment plan for the diagnosed diseases.
  4. Select herbal formulas or other relevant modalities for the diagnosed diseases.



Recommended Textbook(s)

 1. Diseases of Five Senses In TCM



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Course Contents

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